Route №1. Ancient Taraz today

It is a 3-hour bus excursion over the town. It includes a visit to the regional historical Museum of Local Lore that has 2000 metres of expositional area. Here the tourists can get to know the history of the town’s origin, see bright & unusual archaeological finds, which prove that Taraz was the centre of important cultural & economical region.

At the exhibition the guests of the town will see the works of modern artists, sculptors & masters of the applied arts. Their works are full of national coloring & love to our ancient land.There is also in the program: visit to memorials of Great Russian poets

A.S.Pushkin & S.Yesenin. The acquaintance with the regional drama theatre, cultural program in entertainment complex «Eurasia» & Aqua Park. The unique beauty of the night Taraz won’t leave you indifferent

Route №2. Immortal creation of ancient sculptors

 During the period of Karahanids in Taraz & its district a lot of wonderful mausoleums were built Aisha – Bibi mausoleum is a memorial to love & faith. It was built in the 11-th – 12-th century. Concerning the legend, a woman who has no children can give a birth to child if she goes around the mausoleum 3 times. This is the single memorial in Kazakhstan & Middle Asia which is fully faced with carved tiles.

Babadji – Hatun mausoleum is famous to the wide public by its original 16-edge dome of the double curvature. There is an Arabic sign on the parapet of the main facade.

As a creation of genius of ancient Taraz Karahan mausoleum still delight the people who value true architecture. In decorating this structure 30 kinds of figured bricks were used.

The next object is Kali – Yunus bath-houses which strike by their magnificent ornamentation. They belong to the 11-th – 12-th

centuries. The premises of the bath-house were covered by domes. They were heated by warm air, circulating in the canals, which were put decorated by fresco.

Route №3. Revived Red book

 This is one-day route by horse riding or walking over a nature reserve Aksu-Jabagly. On its 75-th jubilee it was proclaimed the best in the CIS (the common wealth of independent states) thanks to its high level of protection & equipment.


There are more than 16 species of plants on the area of this nature reserve which are registered in the Book of Rare Species (the tulips of Greig are among them). 58 kinds of birds inhabit here, among the rarest are black stork, blue bird, paradise flycatcher. Nowadays there are 55 arhars, 40 heads of maral, Tyan-Shan bears in big amounts and a lot of other animals in the reserve.

It is possible to get detailed information on flora & fauna of the natural reserve in the zoological nature museum of Jabagly village. To make the picture more vivid and to make tourists fell the connection with the nature the excursion are held to the birds & animals voices, recorded in the farest areas of the reserve.

The visit to the Vannov care & walking along the canyon on horseback are also included in the tour.

Route №4. The breathe of life

The bus and foot route begins in Karatau mountains. They’re unique because of drawings on the rocks. These drawings give us full understanding of a world outlook of Arians (the ancient tribes who lived on this area in 2000 BC). There are drawings of ritual dances, hunting scenes on the rocks. Economic life of nomadic tribes, their religious believes, customs & traditions are also reflected there.

The particularity of the gorge Berikara is the ash-tree grove. Here the nature takes care of her children it self. You shouldn’t be afraid of quinsy having drunk cool spring water because it is curative. Fresh gentle breeze from the canyon breather is you new energy, making you breathe in full chest.

The rest to the tourists will be given in a comfortable health resort. Everybody can enjoy the night fishing on the side of the lake Bilikol.

Route №5. The mystery of Akyrtas

 Our aim is the place that is to the east of Taraz, southward of Ak-Chulak railway station. Akyrtas is one of the most mysterious

Акыртас,Жамбылская область

monuments of the southern Kazakhstan. There are no exact facts about the building & the author of this memorial. This structure marvelous & bold in his scheme consists of a complex of premises, grouped around the inner yard.

Akyrtas is described in different beautiful legends. But some foreign & Kazakh scientific archaeologists put forward their own ideas of appearance & [purpose of this structure.

This unique architectural complex still demands the detailed examination to reveal the political & cultural connections of Turkic state in the territory of Kazakhstan with the states of the Near & Middle East the Great Silk Way in the period of the early Middle ages along.

In 2004 restoring works began in Akyrtas. They have to restore the ancient appearance of the unique construction. A lot of magic people say that the third point of the Bermuda Triangle is situated here.

Route №6. From showy peaks to sandy deserts

The uniqueness of this route is that within two days the tourists can play snowballs in mountains and then having come down, visit forest-steppes, desert & finally see the marriage period of tortoises in blossoming Moyinkum desert.

In the canyon the tourists can observe a powerful beauty of mighty mountains full of different species of flora & fauna. The ripple of crystal spring water, coolness of crystal spring water, coolness of fresh air & the beauty of mountain landscape will bring you unforgettable impressions.

Among the mysterious sands, in the cool shadow of a yurta the tourist can taste national dishes & slake their thist with curative drinks, such us kumis, ayran & shubat.

The culmination of the excursion will be crossing the desert on camels of the «Golden Caravan».


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